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  Quotient ADHD System

The Quotient ADHD test is now available for teenagers and adults, as well as children.


While ADHD is estimated to affect 8 - 12% of school-aged children in the U.S., the disorder can be difficult to diagnose because its symptoms often appear as extreme forms of common behaviors.  In addition, doctors frequently have to rely on information from parents, teachers and relatives, who may all have different impressions about the severity and impact of the symptoms.

The Quotient ADHD System is a non-invasive, office-based FDA-Cleared diagnostic system that employs a novel set of proprietary technologies that provide objective and reproducible settings that replicates a classroom or workplace environment.  The data generated by the Quotient ADHD System directly correlates to brain function as determined by functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The Quotient ADHD System is the first FDA-cleared test that accurately and objectively measures the three core symptoms of ADHD:

    Inattention (difficulty in staying focused and on task)  
    Hyperactivity (difficulty in controlling movement and sitting still while working)  
    Impulsivity (difficulty inhibiting inappropriate responses)

During the 15 - 20 minute test, the child sits in front of a computer screen and is asked to respond to geometric shapes as they appear.  While the child is taking the test, a motion detector tracks and records the child's movements.  Within minutes after the test is completed, the test responses and movement patterns are analyzed online and compared to a large database of more than 2,000 children.  The doctor and the parent are then provided with an easy-to-read report on the child's performance that can be revisited over time.

At your appointment, Dr. Lochridge will conduct a diagnostic evaluation in which he will interview the parent and child, obtain a family history and medication history, and review any previous psychological testing.  The Quotient test is a valuable but optional tool to be used in conjunction with this psychiatric evaluation.  If you choose to take the test as part of Dr. Lochridge's complete evaluation, the cost for the test is $150. If you choose to take the test and have the results sent to you or to another doctor, the cost for the test is $225.  Please call Millie about scheduling options.


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